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Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland

International Students studying in Scotland can now apply to stay in Scotland to work for two years.

The Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme applies to students who have been living and studying in Scotland and have been awarded a Higher National Diploma, first degree, MSc or PhD.

The scheme enables International students to apply to stay in Scotland to work without a work permit, for two years.

You can apply for the Fresh Talent scheme up to one year after you have completed your studies. You can apply:

  • after you have received your academic award from the UK, and before your current permission to stay in the UK expires, OR:
  • if you return home, you can apply from your home country.

When you make your application it is important that you meet the criteria the Home Office requires.

Useful Advice

When you apply for the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme, you must be able to show that you have lived in Scotland for a suitable period of time during your studies. Remember to keep any evidence you can use to show the amount of time you have lived in Scotland. These documents should show your address in Scotland. I suggest that you keep all relevant documents, from when you first arrive in Scotland, to submit with your application. These could include: telephone bills or statements, gas or electricity bills, tenancy agreements – your accommodation contract, credit card statements, bank statements, letters showing your address from any official organisations.

When you apply for Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme you must be able to show that you intend to look for work in Scotland. You should submit, with your application, any letters you have received from employers regarding job applications, including any rejection letters. Remember to keep these if you receive any. You may decide to register with an employment agency – keep any documentation you receive from the agency.

You must show that you have been awarded your qualification. If you have graduated, this must be the original degree certificate, not a copy.

To be eligible for the scheme, you must also have enough funds to maintain and accommodate yourself, and any dependants, without recourse to public funds. Keep bank statements – you will need to show funds available to you to cover the last three months. Keep any wage slips you have.

All documents should be originals, not copies.

To Apply for the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme from the UK

You apply for the Fresh Talent Scheme using the Home Office (Immigration and Nationality Directorate) application form called FLR(FT: WISS). You can download a form from the Home Office website at or telephone the Application Forms Unit on 0870 241 0645. At the University, you can collect a form from the International Office, Recruitment and Admissions Reception located in the Pathfoot Building.

You can apply by sending your application by post, or by going in person to the Public Enquiry Office. The addresses are shown on the form. There is a charge of £335.00 for a postal application and £500.00 for applications made in person to the Public enquiry office. If your spouse and children are here in Scotland with you, you can apply for them to stay in Scotland with you on the same form. There is no extra charge.

Make a copy of your passport, application and supporting documents. Keep these and send all originals in your application.

If you post your application, buy a ‘padded’ or ‘jiffy’ envelope. These envelopes are more secure and less likely to tear. You can buy them at a post office, the SUSA shop on Campus, or any stationery shop off campus.

You must post your application by ‘recorded delivery’ or by ‘special delivery’. Special Delivery will arrive the next day. Go to the post office to arrange this. You will be given a receipt with a delivery number on it. Keep this number. The Home Office records this number when they receive your application. You can also use this number to check the postal delivery with the post office.

It will tell you on the form what you need to do to apply, the documents you need to submit and the evidence you need to show. If you need further help or advice when you are studying at Stirling, please contact the International Adviser, Anne Pitcairn at the International Office, Recruitment and Admissions Reception, Pathfoot Building. To arrange an appointment with Anne, please email [email protected] or call into the Recruitment and Admissions reception in the Pathfoot Building.

The International Student Adviser will hold an information session on Fresh Talent and how to complete the Home Office Application Form. Dates and venue will be advertised on the International Students Notice Board located next to Unicorn Travel in the Andrew Miller Building.



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